MEDPROM is an international agency with many years of experience in the organisation and coordination of medical treatments for patients from Russia and all CIS-countries.

Your benefits:

  • We have a wide network of highly qualified specialists. Several of our employees have a medical degree. It allows us to provide our clients with the best possible consultation and support.
  • For our patients we are constantly looking for the best solutions and clinics. We cooperate with well-chosen hospitals and specialists with an excellent reputation even abroad.
  • We do not limit our services to German clinics and specialists. If necessary, we consult specialists from Austria and Switzerland during the treatment.
  • We stay in close contact with hospitals and doctors. Therefore lots of questions can be clarified and answered in advance.
  • Billing of services is completely transparent. Original invoices of hospitals are always passed on to the patients.
  • The loyalty of our clients is our best advertisement. Since MEDPROM was founded we still support many of our first clients.
  • Our aim is not only the best organisation of the stay and treatment for our clients. We also place a great value on a perfect communication between our clients and physicians, even after the completion of treatment.